A Guild will eventually head out on missions to help improve income. This is what this page is for

Basically, when you've grown bored of hanging around the Guild Headquarters. This is the alternative. It's simple, we shall provide a basis of missions here for you to complete. You create a comic (or Comic Series) completing this mission. You can be creative as you want.

Now, We aim to have a slew of Missions up her for those with creativity problems. But for now, here's some guild types.

- Rescue Mission
- Item Recovery Mission
- Expedition Mission
- Bounty Hunt Mission

Also, we have a form to fill out. I'll post an example tomorrow of it in action.
BANG Mission Form
All you need is a title, type of mission, mission info and a signature slot, which is to be signed by who is doing it. You can add a picture if you wish.


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