01/10/09 -

-It's been a long time since this was last updated, I suprised it hasn't been modded with spam. But regardless. Solo Missions are available from now on. And all missions must be done by 30th Oct. before Halloween.
10/05/09 -

-Aha! This is a broadcast from Thorn for the final challenge, for those of you read the Bulletin board, you'll be able to know about this in advance! I've mastered a Doppelganger spell, Splitting myself into twelve different parts. You've gotta beat all (Or as many) of them as possible. Just meet me inside the actual guild. And then try to beat as many as possible. And avoid any distractions.
13/04/09 -

-Training has begun. Hope everyone is pepped up and ready to take on the challenge, It tests many aspects for everyone.
02/04/09 -

-As we move into a new month, authors should be noted that the Training will begin very shortly. There are 5 challenges in which the authors will have to pass. (Ranging from standard combat to downright stupid costumes that will hamper movement. My regards are hoping that the authors will be ready when the time comes later this month.
26/02/09 -

- Comic Series is go! The Guild has officially opened for all to join!
- It's Celestial_Wolf's 17th Birthday! Be sure to bring cake at least!
-Two Clues about the upcoming Training Program. The first is that you must be prepared to Run, as it will get burning hot otherwise. The Second is a massive hurdle of a course awaits you. So be prepared to Rock and Roll.

24/02/09 -

- Official Opening Day is the 26th of February (Celestial_Wolf's 17th Birthday). All Authors will be allowed to post that day onwards. But you can put yourself on the banner now.
- Missions will commence after the Training Program is done. Announcement of what's in the Training Course will arrive soon.


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